Pannys Amazing World of Chocolate

Entry to Pannys Amazing World of Chocolate.

Your PIE tickets include
Entry to Pannys Amazing World of Chocolate.

Phillip Island Chocolate Factory is the sweetest attraction on Phillip Island. See our chocolates being handmade, only using the best available Belgian chocolate.

It’s creamy texture and slight hint of vanillin is exceptionally mouth watering. Only the finest ingredients are used in creating our chocolates. You can also try our famous frozen bananas dipped in chocolate.
In Pannys Amazing World of Chocolate you can learn about cocoa harvesting, how chocolate is made, vital ingredients and an interactive range of displays that explain the whole Chocolate production process from farm to shop.

Other displays include:

  • See our educational exhibition on cocoa production
  • Study the chocolate Art Gallery of famous paintings
  • Admire a two metre chocolate statue of Michelangelo’s David
  • Explore a 12,000 piece chocolate mosaic of Dame Edna Everage
  • Play with a chocolate village complete with working trains
  • Be amazed by the amazing spinning 3D Zoetrope
  • Smile at Panny’s life animated in the Family Window
  • Challenge yourself at Side Show Alley, and aim to win chocolate
  • Delight your senses in Panny’s Centres of Excellence
  • Design your own chocolate bar flavour (Panny chooses one flavour a month to make!)
  • Laugh at our Mystery Chef creations
  • Gasp at a giant one tonne block of chocolate (try and lift it with your friends!)
  • Marvel at our thunderous chocolate waterfall (400kg of molten chocolate every 3 minutes)
  • Have your photo taken in the giant chocolate display (email it to yourself for free!)
  • Make your own chocolate art and eat it!
  • See the chocolate carving machine in action
  • Watch chocolates being made in the chocolate factory
  • Operate Panny’s Amazing Chocolate Machine (pick your own weird flavour combination!)

Estimated time for included PIE Pass activities at this attraction: 1 1/2 hours

Please Note: It is important to PRE BOOK your attendance to reduce waiting time as the Chocolate Experience has limited capacity call , 03 5956 6600.

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Open: 7 days a week from 9am to 5.30pm
(During May 4th - 26th, 5 days Thursday - Monday)
Phone: 03 5956 6600
930 Phillip Island Rd Newhaven, Vic

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1x Free Chocolate Bar Entrance Ticket